Know Your Genetics: "Knowledge is Power"
At, we live by the mantra "knowledge is power". We share our extensive knowledge of nutrigenomics via our Methylation Pathway Analysis program. Input your nutrigenomic results to generate your very own Methylation Pathway Analysis report. Knowing how to interpret your genetic results is an important first step in taking charge of your health. The Methylation Pathway Analysis program (MPA) provides suggestions to help determine how best to implement a customized supplement plan that is right for you.

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What We Offer

Welcome to Holistic Health International, where science and caring meet.

We are committed to nutritional health and well-being worldwide. Here you can access an array of holistic resources and services, all designed to provide an individually customized map to health optimization using the best natural supports.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Our goal is helping families (and practitioners) address ailments via a comprehensive approach, featuring:

  • Nutrigenomic testing to locate genetic areas needing support.
  • Invidualized recommendations for neutraceuticals.
  • Biochemical testing to track the healing process.
  • Information products for understanding safe ways to detox and rebuild capacity.
  • Community of caring and information sharing.

Along with this website and our books and DVDs, our dynamic discussion group of over 12,000 families provides information, guidance, and support. To date, many have benefitted from our program. Please review the links above to learn more.

Why HHI Is Unique

In recent years, there’s been a burgeoning of testing and treatment services. The quality of any test (and the protocols based on it) derive from the expertise of the scientist who designs and interprets that test.

At HHI, both our tests and protocols build upon the ground-breaking work of Dr. Amy Yasko, PhD. Dr. Amy is an outstanding and recognized pioneer with extensive research and clinical experience in molecular biology, biochemistry and biotechnology (as well as allopathic and integrative medicine).

That’s why, at HHI, you can rely on our innovative approach - an approach that produces results.